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2002-10-03  Stephan Kulow  <>
	* made obsolete

2002-04-26  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* removed bogus message

2001-11-07  Walter Tasin <>

	* now #MIN_CONFIG tag takes parameters for KDE_USE_QT, too.
          e.g. #MIN_CONFIG(2.2) for qt 2.2 usage

2000-11-30  David Faure  <>

	* Added kde_moduledir which points to $prefix/lib/kde2/

2000-07-24  Alex Zepeda  <>

	* Remove the test for malloc.h

2000-04-05  Michael Matz  <>

        * : added kludge for compiling regexp's even if
	perl < 5.005 is installed
	* : added support for autoconf 2.14.1

2000-03-27  David Faure  <>

	*, Makefile.common: changed inst-apps semantics
	If present, only the subdirs it lists will be configured and compiled.
	If absent, then subdirs is used (and inst-apps isn't generated anymore)

2000-03-22  David Faure  <>

	* am_edit: Added support for KDE_ICON = AUTO

2000-03-18  David Faure  <>

	* Makefile.common: Rewrote the list-of-Makefiles generation to make it
	simpler and nicer, using create_makefiles' way of doing it.
	Added support for COMPILE_LAST and COMPILE_FIRST in toplevel

2000-01-05  David Faure  <>

	* Makefile.common: hacked around autoconf bug (setting INSTALL to ".."
	when calling a subconfigure and INSTALL is already set).

1999-12-15  Waldo Bastian  <>

        * Test whether Qt compiles AND LINKS without flags.

1999-06-24  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: generate correct Makefile entries for kde-i18n toplevel directories
	* am_edit:

1999-06-14  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: remove idl generated files on make clean

1999-06-09  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: skipping programs with variables in sources for final

1999-06-07  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: added support for idl files

1999-06-02  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* Makefile.common: preserve comments in .pot files to make it
		possible for programmers and translators to comment them

1999-06-02  Simon Hausmann <>

        * added kde_servicetypesdir

1999-06-02  David Faure  <>

	* removed LIB_KFM and LIB_KDEUTIL aliases

1999-05-28  Simon Hausmann <>

	* added kde_servicesdir

1999-05-27  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: lots of changes for better support of --enable-final

1999-05-22  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added support for --with-dmalloc

1999-05-19  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added support for --enable-final

	* am_edit: added support for --enable-final
1999-05-06  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* change the meaning of --disable-debug

1999-05-04  Helge Deller <>

	* the test for the X-includes/directories failed,
	when compile & link work without special directories (as on HP-UX).

1999-04-20  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: adding DESTDIR replacement for rm and uninstall-local
	too. Seems very useless, but makes testing for uninstall easier

1999-04-01  David Faure  <>

	* Added -lkfile to $(LIB_KIO)

1999-03-30  David Faure  <>


1999-03-29  David Faure  <>

	* added LIB_X11 to XPMLIB and GLLIB, because
	on SCO, they need it _after_ themselves.

1999-03-28  David Faure  <>

	* added LIB_KFM to LIB_KAB alias

1999-03-26  David Faure  <>

	* made LIB_KFILE use LIB_KIO instead of LIB_KFM

1999-03-20  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* check for libXext - for Russel :)

1999-03-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* extend the MICO test with a list of possible
	places where to find CORBA.h

1999-03-15  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* move $QTINC and $QTLIB in search path

1999-03-14  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* am_edit: install-root is obsolute. Use DESTDIR always

1999-03-03  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixing a bug, that $QTDIR was taken before --with-qt*
	* added KDE_USE_QT, that you can choose if to
	use QT 2.0 or KDE 1.0
	* Makefile.common: added target package-merge

	* am_edit: many fixes to the POFILES handeling of am_edit

1999-03-02  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* first look at libjpeg6b (from kdesupport) then
	for libjpeg

	* config.*, libtool.*: update to the latest FSF tools

1999-02-23  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* error when Sparc CC is used. Better use it in
	configure and tell him the story then letting him find it while

	* adding KDE_CHECK_EXTRA_LIBS to all possible tests,
	so that --with-extra-includes is used when needed.

	* configure looks for giflib30, so it should say so

	* don't overwrite x include parameters. Patch by
	Ari Lemmke <> (bug report 741)
1999-02-20  Stephan Kulow <>

	* fixing KDE_CHECK_PATHS for rechecking. In case
	of defaults (kdelibs) configure didn't cache the results

1999-02-18  David Faure  <>

	* added AC_CHECK_S_ISSOCK, to fix #706.

1999-02-17  David Faure  <>

	* added AC_CHECK_RANDOM, just like
	AC_CHECK_USLEEP, to enable the fake if necessary.

1999-02-13  Kurt Granroth <>

        * look for QT-2.0

1999-02-05  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* in macro KDE_FIND_PATH treat user given dirs
	and $PATH dirs the same. Added seperate test for to find binary
	($5) to replace findperl

1999-01-28  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: added patch by jbb to be a little bit more precise about
	the number of sourcefiles that include the moc file if it's != 1.
	Besides that automoc will fail with exit code, so the Makefile.cvs
	process does stop in case a problem accoured.

	* automoc: don't hardcode header suffix, but allow *.h, *.hh and *.H
1999-01-27  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* try qobjcoll.h and qapplication.h before saying
	OK to qt headers. (I could kill SuSE for splitting into qt-dev
	and qt-compat)

1991-01-23  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: added fixes by JB <>

1999-01-21  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: added --help and --path (for use in dist-hook)

1999-01-20  Alex Zepeda  <>
	* ltconfig: added entries for FreeBSD 4.x

1999-01-19  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: added a distclean-metasources target which deletes all
	moc files and let distclean depend on it

1999-01-18  Stephan Kulow  <>

        * automoc: several fixes (ignore comment lines + join lines
         with \ )
	* automoc: support META_INCLUDES in case the header files are
	not in the same dir as the sources.

1999-01-17  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: several fixes.

1999-01-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* automoc: added support for included MOC files.

	* use srcdir for the subdirs stuff as well

	* automoc: added better command line parsing and some preparation
	for handling "normal" moc files

	* added aliases for libkio and libkdeutil

1999-01-15  Harri Porten  <>

	* automoc: Carved in stone syntax for
	{program}_METASOURCES = USE_AUTOMOC [{suffix}]

1999-01-15  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* Makefile.common: set top_srcdir to .

1999-01-14  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* don't use any longer

1999-01-08  Stephan Kulow  <>


	* test for Qt even if both --with-qt-headers and
	--with-qt-libraries are given. They may be wrong.
1999-01-06  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* change the MOC test so it can be used for other
	tools as well

1998-12-28  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* look for QT-1.42 since kpanel needs it

1998-12-27  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added /usr/lib for libpython test
	* take my email address out of it and added a
	reference to

	* use Qt >= 1.4

1998-12-18  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* test for directories to exist before saying yes
	to compilation :)

1998-12-14  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added CPLUSPLUS for the kimgio test. It's
	only important for shaman right now, but at least there it is :)

1998-12-12  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* Makefile.cvs: added common Makefile.cvs

	* reported a very ugly
	bug in AC_PROG_CXXCPP, so I added my own version
	* added KDE_CREATE_SUBDIRS_LIST to simplify
	most toplevel configures

1998-12-11  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added call to AC_PROG_CXXCPP. Not really sure why
	it never caused problems

	* moved LIBTIFF alias

	* only test for the existance of libkimgio if the
	user wants to. For 99% of the applications it doesn't matter if
	configure can find libkimgio :)
1998-12-10  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* some changes to the python check to handle $LIBDL

1998-12-09  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* make Alex's tiff test a real one
	* fix the LIB_TIFF alias to really expand

1998-12-08  Alex Zepeda  <>

	* Fix tiff test to use libtiff34 if it exists.
	This is what the FreeBSD port installs to for whatever reason.

	* s/kde/KDE/ (at least in some of the
	descriptions, obviously no variable names were touched.

1998-12-08  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* moved the LIB_QT alias to the Qt check
	* unset KDEDIR before running conftest
	* fixed mean typo
	* added the copyright header for the gettext
	tests, so that people know we're legal ;)

	* set language to C++ before testing QIMGIO	

1998-12-07  Alex Zepeda  <>

	* Fix PNG test to use correct ANSI C code, and
	not trip up gcc.

1998-12-07  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* don't hardcode -ldl
	* move the LIB_X11 alias to the X test to make it
	useful for kdesupport as well
	* give the word CHECK_KIMGIO a meaning in really
	checking for it

	* simple fix to prevent kimgio test from compiling
	KDE application in kdelibs

1998-12-05  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* let KDE_CHECK_KIMGIO depend on AC_PATH_KDE,
	otherwise most tests fail. It didn't mean anything to 90% of the
	packages since they test for KDE before kimgio, but for shaman
	it does

	* ltconfig: the real fix for the Solaris && gcc problem.
	Thanks Kurt for reporting it and Alexandre for fixing it :)

1998-12-04  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* libtool.*: update again

	* changed the function to test for libnsl to
	inet_ntoa since UnixWare 7's version did not have gethostbyname,
	but needs libnsl

1998-12-02  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed the MOC test (again) to use the PATH variable
	correctly (with the correct seperator)

	* config.guess: update from the soon to be released autoconf-2.13

1998-12-01  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixes for the MOC test. Use PATH now when found

1998-11-30  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* extended the MOC test. It checks now for the
	first line of the output of "moc --help" and looks for Qt in it.

1998-11-27  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* ltconfig: another libtool update. Fixes an ugly bug on Solaris,
	when GNU ld is in path before Solaris ld, but gcc uses the later

1998-11-26  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* made the Qt test more advance to check for qt
	1.41 - I still need to make it better, but there shouldn't be too
	many qt releases in a row, would there? ;)

	* ltconfig: libtool update with better BSD/OS support

1998-11-22  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* ltconfig: cool - libtool uses g++ now to link libraries on Solaris.
	This means, static objects become usuable on that plattforms (some
	others as well).

1998-11-20  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* updated libtool from their CVS - fixes bugs we haven't
	found and adds some more features, that we do not need ;-)

1998-11-19  David Faure  <>

	* added AC_CHECK_UTMP_FILE, taken from kdebase

1998-11-16  Harri Porten  <>

	* automoc: take care of "ar" object files, too.

1998-11-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* revised my --silent patch. The solution
	Alexandre suggested is much better.

1998-11-15  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* done some tweakings to support -export-dynamic
	with egcs

	* config.sub: wow - BeOS support :)

1998-11-14  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* don't use rpath for test program, if rpath is
	disabled for applications

	* ltconfig: patched libtool to make it silent without making
	ltconfig silent

	* make libtool silent again

	* update to libtool-981114 (untested stuff, but
	we have to test it to make it tested - sounds that logical? :-)

	* moved the self stricked libtool tests to "our"

	* moved ChangeLog of kdebase which I used to
	maintain logs to kde-common/admin. Hopefully I
	will maintain it more often from now on :)

1998-07-27  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed some things in the MOC test

	* fixed this damn msgfmt test

1998-06-02  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* ignore msgfmt, if not GNU gettext

1998-05-28  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed KDE_CHECK_STL. Checks for HP and SGI type

	* embraced every variable with "" to make
	it consistent

	* various fixes for the koffice checks
	(mico, ministl and python)

1998-05-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* don't use KDE_CHECK_QT_DIRECT, when
	--with-qt-libs are given

1998-04-21  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* cool, I found the trick to suppress the ls

1998-04-20  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* rewrote the qt checking test, since it
	didn't work under FreeBSD, since it relied on the .so link.
	The new version is a little bit buggy, but I need some testing
	to make it perfect

	* fixed the side effects of the PAM test

1998-04-18  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* hopefully fixed the PAM test (I rewrote it)

1998-04-16  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* extended the getsockname test inspired
	by a patch by Martin Baulig

	* added test for utmp file

	* made --without-pam default

1998-04-06  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* don't test compiling, linking, running in
	one step. This proved to be too dangerous for my mail box.
1998-03-21  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* created some new macros to work around this
	ugly (because long) help of configure --enable-shared/static

1998-03-05  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* set language to C++ before trying the ksize_t

	* sorted the Makefile entries alphabeticly (and all
	together: we love xemacs! we love xemacs! ;)
	* added sk

	* substitute x_libraries to fix the empty -rpath
1998-03-03  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* add a rpath for every shared library, that is
	linked too (especially X11 libraries)
Tue Feb 24 22:04:59 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added kde_sounddir and set kde_minidir to
	kde_icondir/mini to break not too much

Sun Feb 15 18:25:50 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added bugfix by Bob Miller <>
	(correct reset of IFS)
Wed Feb 11 00:53:11 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* made shadow under Linux default, since the
	binaries will work also under non-shadow systems. The only problem
	left is PAM, so I disabled shadow in case, PAM is present

Tue Feb 10 16:46:32 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added test for nice to find out, if the option
	-nice works for the screensavers

	* port to LynxOS. For this I moved all library
	search routines in KDE_MISC_TESTS, so I don't need to write this
	in every package

	* README: some grammar fixes

	* search for the libs in the exec_prefix, when
	it's present
Sun Feb  8 14:07:23 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* updated all packages

	* applied patch for to show the
	correct default for shared and static

Sat Feb  7 10:56:00 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* good news - KDE is relocatable again.

	* updated to latest libtool 1.0i

Fri Feb  6 21:26:51 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added a AC_PROVIDE for AC_PROG_CC and

Thu Feb  5 16:27:47 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* put $QTDIR/bin before /usr/bin in the path to
	look for moc. I don't know why, but I got a report, that configure
	found /usr/bin/moc under Solaris

Fri Jan 30 15:47:50 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* export LIBRARY_PATH after reset to the saved
	* unset the LIBRARY_PATH to get a relieable
	result when trying to find, if Qt compiles without -L

Sat Jan 24 00:45:52 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed another bug in AC_PATH_KDE

Thu Jan 22 14:46:15 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed an ugly bug in AC_BASE_PATH_KDE

	* kappfinder/ let kappfinder create by configure to
	allow the use of the kde_ paths

Wed Jan 21 22:19:35 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* - added a install_root prefix to all paths, if
	set, to enable package managers to move the whole installation at once
	- added --with-install-root to set the install_root prefix

Tue Jan 20 22:41:04 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added NOOPT_CXXFLAGS to allow kioslave to be
	compiled without -O2

Mon Jan 19 21:55:21 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* some little fixes for the Makefiles

	* --prefix will no longer override the search for
	libraries. If they are present somewhere, they are used (through
	the methodes in KApplication)

Mon Jan 12 00:30:36 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* fixed an ugly bug, that accoured, when
	qt_libraries is not set (empty/equals X11/not necessary)
	* moved the remove of the files after the error

Sun Jan 11 17:27:53 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* added a new macro KDE_CHECK_QT_DIRECT to unset
	the Qt library path, if a Qt program compiles without them
	* added a return value in the CREATE_KFSSTND
	macro. Perhaps this has caused the problems

Sat Jan 10 17:40:44 1998  Stephan Kulow  <>

	* ChangeLog started to maintain a ChangeLog file again
	* the AC_CREATE_KFSSTND to get better debug output
	to find the problem

Old logs, Stephan Kulow made:
0.1 : first steps with libkde
0.2 : first release with libkde, khtmlw, kdehelp, acli, kwm, kpanel
0.3 : added kfm and bugfixes
0.4 : updated khtmlw, kdehelp, kwm, changed install in all subdirs
0.5 : support libtool (chooseable shared libs)
0.6 : split libkde in kdecore and kdeui
0.6.1 : Bugfixes
0.7 : added code from Janos Farkas (configure)
    : added @{kde,qt}_{includes,libraries}@
0.7.1: Bugfixes
0.7.2: Bugfixes
0.7.3: added @all_includes@ and @all_libraries@
       replaced all incompatible flags like $(CC) and -DHAVE_UNISTD_H
0.7.4: changed support for libkde (back in it's own)
       added kpat
       updated kpanel, kwm, kghostview
0.8: removed a bug in kghostview
	lifted installation process of several apps
	splitt kdebase into kdelibs and kdeapps	
	updated khtmlw, kfm and kdehelp
	added kcalc and kpaint
	updated kdisplay
	added kscreensaver
	added --enable-kscreensaver
	added --enable-debug (and @CXXFLAGS@ to all Makefile.ins)
	updated kwm to 0.4.7
	added make uninstall to every app
	added kvt
	added khexdit
	added .kdelnk for kmines, kedit, ktetris
	put kwm, kfind's .kdelnk in the right directories
	replaced --enable-kscreensaver by --disable-kscreensaver
	updated kpanel to 0.15
	some bugfixes (thanks Marco)
	some bugfixes (thanks Martin)
	changed acinclude.m4, because aclocal won't
	updated kwm to 0.4.8 (patched it again for Qt-1.2)
	updated kvt to 0.13 (patch from Matthias)
	patched kvt and kwm
	updated kwm to 0.5.0
	updated kvt for 0.14 (again and again :-)
	updated kview to 0.10
	updated kfm to 0.6.3
 	patched kscreensaver for FreeBSD (thanks Marc)
0.9: updated kdisplay to 0.5.3
	added klogout
	patches from Matthias
	updated kfm to 0.6.4
	updated kghostview to 0.4
	added QTINC and QTLIB
	updated kdehelp to 0.4.11
	patched kfm to support ktoolbar
	updated kedit to kedit+
	added kfontmanager 0.2.1
0.9.1: changed kpaint's make style
	updated kmines to 0.6.5
	updated ktetris to 0.2.4
	changed to Makefiles to depend on
	changed the Makefiles to let install depend on all
	added kjots-0.2.2
	updated kjots-0.2.3
	updated kfm to 0.6.6
	updated kjots-0.2.4
	updated kpaint-0.2
	updated kedit to 0.5
	updated kfontmanager to 0.2.2
	updated kfm to 0.6.7
	updated ktetris to 0.2.5
	updated kjots to 0.2.5
0.10: added HAVE_SQRTL
	updated kfind
	updated kfm to kfm-0.8.1
	re-introduced automake to kdebase
	bugfixes for the
	added XPM, GL and PAM tests to configure
	added morph3d to kscreensavers
	updated kfind to 0.3.2
	added some patches for SGI
... lost the time to maintain a Changelog ;)